This Is the Reasons Why A Mask Can not Release You From Vehicle Smoke

Now, to get clean air is certainly not an easy thing because there is a lot of vehicle fumes that interfere with your breathing and your health. vehicle fumes and the pollution it causes will be very dangerous for your health especially your respiratory health. then, as many people choose to use electric scooter singapore instead of the vehicle they usually use. The existence of an electric vehicle is very useful to reduce the smoke of vehicles on the streets and that you will breathe.

One way to keep the body and breathing out of vehicle fumes is to use a face mask. This is an effective way to filter air pollution well. However, even if you have used it, still you still inhale the various dangerous particles in the air. Mask used, whether it be a green surgical masked or cloth mask that is widely used by motorcyclists is able to filter various small particles with the effectiveness of up to 68%. However, still, users are still exposed to various dangerous particles while doing daily activities outside the home, especially when walking, talking and so forth.

For example, the nitrogen dioxide gas that is found on the road full of pollution can easily slip between the fiber of masks. in addition, the air pollution from the exhaust gases of vehicles and industry often has particles much smaller than 2.5 microns. Even though you’ve put on a mask, these harmful particles can enter the lungs and bloodstream, triggering dangerous infectious diseases.

 So, the best way for you to reduce vehicle fumes is to use an electric scooter that will not generate air pollution, either in the form of dust or vehicle fumes that are very harmful to human health especially yourself.

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