Things you shouldn’t do in a room with an AC

here are actually so many things that can damage an air conditioner, and surely, you might have heard many of them. However, aside from breaking the AC itself down, there are some things that would also ruin the room where the AC itself is being installed. Although you can always call the trusted air conditioning service company to repair the AC, the room which has been ruined can be difficult to be restored like it’s used to be.

Smoking in an air-conditioned room

Aside from making the air dirtier, the cigarette’s smoke will be spread by the AC as well. Thus, making the air inside of the room gets contaminated, and the stench may also stick to the wall’s surface.

Bringing an object with a strong smell

Any object with a strong smell shouldn’t enter any room with an air conditioner on, especially if it’s a low-quality perfume and the durian fruit.

Opening the air ventilation too widely

It’s a pointless thing to do in a room with an AC on, and you’ll just consuming your electricity without receiving any coldness from your air conditioner.

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