How to Make a Good Website Structure

The structure of your website must be like a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is your homepage and under the homepage of a number of category pages. For larger websites, you have to create a special subcategory or taxonomy. In categories and subcategories, you will have a number of blog posts or product pages.

Creating a Valid Internal Link Structure
Your linkage structure is very important. Each page at the top of the pyramid must be connected to its subpages. And vice versa, all subpages must be linked back to the page above the pyramid. There must be important content (basic articles) at the top of your pyramid, and this must be the article that you link from all your blog entries.

Since you are linking from pages that are interlinked to each other with content-wise, you increase the chances of your site to rank. Linking in this way will help the search engines by showing them what is related. Also, with all the subpages that connect to one main page at the very top of your pyramid, you create a capstone page. This will make it easier for search engines to determine your main page per subject.

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