History From the Word “Trick or Treat” at Halloween

Every October 31, the world celebrates Halloween. A festival originating from the Celtic nation, the ancestor of the European dance. Because Europeans like to travel, this culture also spreads to other continents such as America and Australia. The Halloween festival is celebrated using spooky costumes. You can get masky na halloween by visiting our website.

Children travel to neighboring houses while saying “Trick or Treat”. Yes, the sentence means “Give us chocolate or we are ignorant”. At present, children are available to prosecute the homes of a person who is stingy. Usually, they decorate the “stingy” tree with toilet paper.

The Trick or Treat sentence was originally used as a spell that is believed to calm the evil spirit. But then children began to use it when looking for candy. In the past, only underprivileged children used a trick or treat sentences to get food. But now, trick or treat is a culture for everyone.

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